classes with sally-anne

I love Sally-Anne’s classes - it is all about her lovely warm welcoming vibe. She brings her humour, uplifting music and interesting creative sequences.
She teaches a dynamic practice with smooth consistent flows. These are pitched in an accessible way that encourage you to delve deeper into your practice.
I love the way she brings philosophy into her teaching – and inspires us to check in with ourselves. I always leave feeling calmer, energised and know I have had fun.
— Hannah, Yoga Teacher, London




WEDNESDAYS @ 7AM - YOGA HOME, Stoke newington


FRIDAYS @ 1PM-YOGA HOME, Stoke newington


Most of Sally-Anne's studio classes will be Quantum Yoga inspired, vinyasa flow. You can expect a dynamic, flowing, vinyasa yoga, practiced to an uplifting beat, using Ayurveda, the Indian Science of Life, to tune into our body-minds and optimise practice.


For a more personalised, one-to-one experience, contact to arrange your bespoke private yoga session. The classes are designed to suit your individual needs and I will often introduce the wisdom's of Ayurveda (Yoga's sister science), to understand your individual body-mind constitution. 

Group private yoga sessions are also available and is a nice way of receiving Sally-Anne's personal attention, while also keeping the cost down for the group. 

office yoga

I also offer Yoga for the Worksplace. A fantastic way to get your team together for some well deserved movement and relaxation. Sessions can be tailored to your team's needs. I am often involved in Corporate Wellness Programmes, weekly Office Yoga, Private one-to-ones, small groups and whole team Yoga sessions! Just contact to find out more.

I LOVE our office yoga sessions with Sally-Anne and look forward to them every week. She knew straight away exactly what our team were after and has really tailored her sessions to our needs. They are wonderfully relaxing and restoring – and great fun! I definitely feel my yoga has come on such a lot as she is great at correcting our posture and encouraging us to try new things. Sally-Anne is always so sunny and smiley and has managed to make our small office really work as a pop up yoga studio. I’d 100% recommend her to anybody of any level – her classes are my absolute favourites.
— Anna, Tavistock Wood (London Talent & Literary Agency)


my teaching style

Most of my classes include:

-       a meditative welcome to the mat

-       a vinyasa-based uplifting flow to upbeat music

-       verbal and hands on adjustments

-       pauses between poses to reconnect body, mind and soul

-       a rejuvenating and relaxing head and neck massage to conclude

For a more mellow vibe, I also teach a gentler hatha yoga, slow flow, restorative and yin.

“I’ve been practising yoga for over 12 years, so I know a great teacher when I come across one. My body had lost some of its strength and flexibility when I first went to Sally-Anne’s class. Through a regular practice in her wonderful upbeat and reflective classes I have re-discovered the yoga body I love. Strong, zen, healthy.”
— Amanda, East London
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Watch this space for the next YOGA LIGHT VIBES

ROOFTOP YOGA SESSIONS and live dj flows

 SUMMER 2018!