“I love Sally-Anne’s teaching! Her classes are the perfect mix of hard work and fun, combining vinyasa flow with great playlists. I always leave feeling both re-energized and centred.”
— Sophie, East London
“I absolutely adore Sally-Anne and her classes! I am pretty new to yoga, and she`s really helped me to evolve my practice. The classes are both fun and challenging and Sally-Anne has been extremely helpful and friendly to me as a new yogi!”
— Malin, East London
“Sally Anne brings her sunshine character to her classes with warmth, smiles and genuine care for you to improve the condition of your body. She explains things carefully and comprehensibly and finishes her classes with personal attention that I will leave as a surprise for you : ) “
— Lorna, Nairobi
“I adore Sally-Anne’s style of teaching. Her classes are the perfect combination of challenging and fun. She really understands how the body works and is great at giving adaptations for each asana, at all levels. I leave her classes feeling like
I can practically self-levitate!”
— Lydia, West London
“I have been going to Sally’s classes for over a year now and she is hands down one of my favourite teachers. She is inspiring and calming. Her classes are dynamic and challenging without being too far out of my comfort zone. Her energy is spell bounding and I am totally transfixed when in her presence. She enables each person to push themselves whilst remaining equally obtainable to students of all levels. She is attentive and hands on and I feel like my yoga has progressed substantially under her guidance.”
— Jenna, West London
“Sally-Anne instantly put me at ease with her characteristic warmth and reassuring trade mark smile, and in no time at all, I was in the zone and focussing on the moves – all expertly demo’d by Sally-Anne at the front. “
— Robert, North London
“I always love Sally-Anne’s yoga classes - each one being different to the last.
She’s friendly, upbeat, attentive, and her playlists are great.
I always leave feeling like I’ve worked and learnt new things.
Couldn’t recommend her more highly.”
— Freddie, East London
“Really enjoyed learning and evolving my yoga practice thanks to Sally Anne!”
— Fenton, South London